WHO:  You, and dozens of your new best riding friends

WHAT:  The 2016 Panting Deer Enduro

WHEN:  Saturday, July 23, 2016

WHERE:  Brown County State Park, Nashville, IN

WHY:  The most fun you can have on a mountain bike!

HOW:  Drag yourself to the top, then sprint down the greatest descents in Indiana

HOW MUCH:  $50 earlybird (by May 31)     $55 regular (By July 21)     $60 Day of event


If you visit Brown County State Park to preview and practice, please be extra courteous to other trail users.  Ride under control and yield even if you have the right of way.  Say a kind word.  Look far down the trail for any traffic, and ride carefully around blind corners.  It is important that we represent the mountain bike community in a positive way. 

2016 Need to know

Driving directions

***The north gate entrance has a 9' height limit.  If you carry your bikes on top of your vehicle, or if you have a high vehicle or trailer, you will need to use the west gate entrance!

9:00:  Registration and Packet Pick Up opens

10:30:  Riders' Meeting (mandatory 15 minute safety, rules, and course update)

11:00  First wave start

3:00   Post Race Social

3:30  Awards and Door Prizes

enduro race schedule

2014 Panting Deer Adventures LLC

  • Brown County State Park has a $7 in-state / $9 out-of-state daily entrance fee per vehicle.  This fee is not part of your race registration.  Car pool with some friends to save on the entrance fee...even better if one of you has an annual permit.
  • Indiana DNR requires a $5 daily trail pass.  This is also not part of your race registration.
  • Camping is available in Brown County State Park.  Please call ahead to reserve, as this is a busy time of year.
  • Camping, paint ball, zip line tours, and ATV tours are also available at Explore Brown County (Valley Branch Retreat).

more stuff

  • Only test segments are scored.  Riders are assessed one point per twenty seconds past their number on test segments.  Lowest score wins.  Point assessments may vary depending upon the venue and conditions.  Points are not deducted for completing a test segment early.
  • Ties are determined by the total time of predetermined tie-breaker test segments. 
  • Riders who "hour out" (accumulate more than 60 points) are eliminated from the competition.  The "hour out" point value may be adjusted depending upon the venue and conditions.
  • Official finishers are classified as gold, silver, or bronze finishers.  Finishers in the top third of registrations are classified as gold, middle third as silver, and bottom third as bronze.
  • Awards are provided for the top three in each category.
  • Women may register in the XX (women's) or open/men's division.  There are no age groups or predetermined categories (cat 1, cat 2, etc.)  Instead, your category (gold, silver, bronze) is determined by your finishing position.

Scoring and awards

  1. Helmets must be worn.  Other protective gear is highly recommended (face guard, gloves, elbow and knee pads, shin guards, shoulder and torso pads, etc).  
  2. Riders may use only one bike for the entire course.
  3. If a rider must leave the course for any reason, he/she must return to the course at the same point the course was left. 
  4. Riders may not accept outside assistance.  This includes the use of tools, mechanical assistance, and hand-ups.  They may, however, give and accept assistance from any other competitor.
  5. Riders may receive outside mechanical and fuel assistance in designated fueling zones.  This is an exception to rule #4.
  6. Riders may not begin a segment before their appointed time.
  7. If a rider arrives after a segment's start time, the scorer will mark and pass the rider through.  Be sure that the scorer sees you and records your race number before proceeding.  However, if the rider arrives within ten seconds of the start of a wave, the rider will need to wait until after that wave is released to be passed through. 
  8. When overtaken by a faster rider, you should yield the trail at the first safe opportunity.  That is, give the overtaking rider room to get by.  You do not have to stop or risk crashing to get out of the way.  When overtaking slower riders, alert the slower rider of your desire to pass, then be patient while the slower rider looks for a safe and reasonable opportunity.
  9. Stop and provide assistance to injured riders.
  10. Do not litter.

RAce rules